Guess who’s back!

Dearest followers, 

It has come to my attention that I haven’t posted in a VERY long time. Why that is, I don’t know.

But I am here to inform you all that yes, I AM alive, and yes, I am back posting. Hopefully on a regular basis this time.

So stay tuned and spread the word!


– Lauren 


Simply the best!

Personally I think this is THE greatest video in the world. The song is just amazing, the light show is incredible and the atmosphere is just electric! 

What I would have given to be at this show!!

Please listen and enjoy!!

Breaking the Ice!

I curse this weather! I was walking out to the car this morning, still dark and I could see my own breath. It was FREEZING! My hands were full and of course, me being clumsy, I slipped on an icy spot!

Fell flat on my butt. It was sore, but I was more annoyed about how cold it felt.

Anyway, my fall reminded me of this guy. Still funny!!




When facebook crashes!

When facebook crashes you just feel completely disconnect from the world! You keep refreshing the page, trying on your phone or Ipod and realise it’s just not working. You also try and see if there is a problem with your wifi, but nope, not that either.

You begin to feel frustrated, wondering what is going on, wondering what your friends are talking about, wondering if someone uploaded a photo of you and you desperately need to see if you look good in it!

Out of pure panic you ring your friend to see if theirs is still working, and they have the same situation. You then hang up and stare into space. Is there life actually beyond facebook? Should you catch up on study? Or go for a walk? Don’t be silly, you know you won’t.

Instead, you sit there, like all of us, waiting and waiting and waiting. Then BING! It’s back, ‘life’ is restored..

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A more serious note.

People need to start talking about their problems. It’s becoming a horrible issue in Irish society, where young people are taking their own lives.

Talking really does help, just try it. Talk to your Mum, your neighbour, your friend, your teacher, ANYONE! Just talk.

There shouldn’t be a suicide awareness day. People should be aware of it everyday!


Reach out and speak up. It DOES get better.




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